Nikole D- Portland Oregon

"The other day I was experiencing pain in my wrist. I have arthritis. While working I don't like anything that smells heavy and medicated because there are others around me that this would affect. I put a little bit of cream on the area that hurt and in about 5 minutes the pain was gone. I didn't have to re-apply. It was gone!  Seriously Amazing. "

Roxanne C- Puyallup Washington

"I have been under doctor care for a pain in the top of my foot, for several months with no relief in sight. I was unable to lift my heel off the ground and bend the top part of my foot. It was becoming a way of life. I tried some of the lotion and rubbed a bit on the top part of my foot and with all seriousness within 10 minutes I could lift my heel and bend my foot. I have used the lotion twice on my foot as well as my arthritic knuckles. It works! It's an amazing feeling to be pain free!!!!"

Chris M- Frederickson Washington

"It works! I have a form of Plantar Fasciitis that flares up for a few months at a time. I used Lola's Rapid Relief cream over the last three days, and the pain is almost non-existent. Thank you Lola!!!"

Melissa D- Puyallup Washington

"Thank you for this great product Lola! I got some from you last week and tried it out and for the first time in a year or more, my back did not hurt. I placed an order last night and can't wait to receive. This really is a wonderful product and I can't wait to get it so that I may be able to go shopping without sitting down every few minutes because of back pain"

Shelley V- Brothers Oregon

"This cream is amazing! I tore Cartilage in my ribs about three years ago by coughing too hard, last week I had a cold and tore it again. I was in horrible pain and used your cream, a short time later I was saying PTL and Lola's Rapid Relief! Thank you so much!"

KD C- Vancouver Washington

"I get violent leg cramps while I sleep. Not all the time but at least once a month, it leaves my calf or thigh or foot in unbearable pain the next day. I had one Monday night into Tuesday morning, I used some of Lola's Rapid Relief and the pain melted away! Amazing how fast it worked and today- no pain at all. Thank you!!!"

Catheryn C- Russellville Arkansas

" I put the cream on and I can feel it penetrating into my skin right away, after a few minutes, my knees and shoulder doesn't hurt, my carpal tunnel doesn't hurt. I feel great! Thank you very much Lola's Rapid Relief!!!"

Heather G-Stafford Oregon

My mom broke her femur and was down spiraling fast, it was breaking my heart to see her in so much pain. She was walking with a cane and was not working out anymore. After she started using your cream- she is now walking 100% on her own!! NO MORE CANE for assistance!!! She is also back at Curves Monday through Friday, which is something we thought we would never see again. After she applies it, she uses a heating pad and it really gets the medicine into her area of pain. I cannot thank you enough Lola.

Johnny T- Stockton California

I am a guitar player and when I was 17 I had a really bad motorcycle accident. I was in a coma for a month and now that I am 55, I have quite a bit of Arthritis in different area's of my body. My wrist constantly hurt me- so bad that I could only play Guitar 5 minutes a day. After using your amazing product I am now playing Guitar an hour a day. Thank you Lola! I LOVE this product!

Nica T- Redmond Washington

I got my Lola's Rapid Relief when I got home on Sunday. I rubbed it on my heels last night and again this morning and my feet feel better than they have in over a year! The cream rubs in easy- no greasy feeling- no smell and the results are absolutely amazing!!!

Cat W- Portland Oregon

I received my first jar of your cream two days ago and I am amazed how well it works. For the last year I have had trouble walking without pain because of a collapsing arch and Tendon issues on one foot and an inoperable bunion on the other. I've had to wear a sandal on one foot and a "boot" on the other, the last two days I've worn shoes and have been able to walk around for most of the day without pain. Lola THANK YOU!!!!!! Lola's Rapid Relief is the only cream I will be buying for a very long time.

Heather S- Madras Oregon

So about a week ago I was working out and hurt my lower back. I was not able to move well or even walk, so I decided to give Lola's Rapid Relief a try. It did not take long at all and the pain was gone. I am amazed how well this product works! I am back to my old self and also working out again. If anyone has pain, you need to try this stuff.

Adella C- Puyallup Wa

My 20 year old son has suffered from Psoriasis from the age of 2 on. We have tried everything and nothing has worked. We decided to try Lola's Rapid Relief and after about a week, his Psoriasis has been drastically reduced. Thank you Lola!

Keeston C- Carnation Wa

I have heard so many great responses about Lola's Rapid Relief, I decided to give it a try. This is the second time this year that I had Plantar Faciitis and I have literally tried everything and nothing seemed to relieve the horrid pain. I decided to try Lola's Rapid Relief and the PAIN IS GONE!!!! I am pain FREE!!! It feels so good to not have to shimmy my foot around in order to get into my warrior poses! Thank you Lola's Rapid Relief! You have SAVED me!!!!!!

Keeston C- Carnation Wa

I wanted to let you know this past weekend I had our family friend try Lola's rapid relief on her cancerous spots that are on her nose and forehead. The spot on her forehead has stitches. Within an hour, the spot on her nose looked TREMENDOUSLY better! We could not believe our eyes! She continued to apply the cream the rest of the weekend and it continued to improve. She was having stitches removed yesterday, I can't wait to hear from her on how the spots are doing! Thank you so much for creating a safe, all natural cream that works and that we can use everyday!

Laura S- Seattle Wa

I have been having pain in my IT band and I used some Lola's rapid Relief before I went running today and I was pain free during my run. Thank you!

Chris M- Frederickson Wa

My husband has been having excruciating back pain for a while now. I asked him if he wanted to try some of my Lola's Rapid Relief and he declined because it was (gasp) Marijuana, I tried explaining that it had NO THC in it! He still refused. We just completed a 10 day Alaskan cruise and guess what? His back hurt, I finally convinced him to let me rub the cream on his back, after a few minutes he said that the pain was pretty much gone AND let me rub it on his back for the rest of the trip! You have another believer! Thanks again for such a great product!!

Ranae B- Norco Ca

So Lola I got to see my mom this weekend and my eldest brother, I gave him a jar and my mom called to tell me this is the first time in 36 years he has not had pain. Thank you!

Michael B- Boise Id

I've tried the cream now for several weeks on my most difficult pain problems - Calcific tendinitis, Cervical impingement, and Lumbar prolapse and I have to say this is the most effective topical I have ever used. This stuff really works!

Jaretta O -Sedro wooley Wa

when I got home yesterday I had Kevin soak his feet in warm water, I dried them off and applied your cream after about 5 mins he went to take a nap..he fell asleep in seconds now usually he lays down and fights the horrible pain in his feet until his blood pressure levels out. He slept 3 hours with no feet jerking or waking up because the pain is like fire . When he got up he was able to put his weight on his feet without pain....we did the same routine at bedtime, again he was asleep in seconds, he has been asleep all night , he usually wakes up a couple times to put his painful burning feet in ice water...I have slept next to this man for 36 years the last 4 have been painful for him, He even said he nap was the best he had in years......Lola's Rapid Relief..... you have some amazing cream there Lady.

Glennis G- Federal way Wa

I have Osteoarthritis in my hands and knees the weather during the cold fall and winter months really makes my hands and knees really hurt. I also have erosive arthritis in my wrists, I have to wear braces on my hands and wrists when I go to bed at night.
The Rheumatologist I had told me if I didn't wear the braces at night my wrists could freeze in place and I wouldn't even be able to feed myself.
I swear by LOLA'S as it relieves my pain and I can work around my house and sleep at night. THANK YOU LOLA'S!!!

Sheri M- Aloha Or

This is an amazing product. My husband is recovering from rotator cuff surgery and Lola's Rapid Relief has taken care of the pain better than any pain meds. We have also used it for his sciatica pain and he had experienced great relief. We also used it on our pup who had cancer. It relieved his pain and allowed him to move around. We are so glad we found this product.

Mary D-Ridgefield Wa

I use this product and it works amazing on my rheumatoid arthritis. I have recommended it and have other people using it for back pain arthritis pain joint pain and they're quite happy with the product I highly recommend it to everyone

Kelly G- Sumner Wa

Bought this for my Mom who suffers from arthritis in her hands and knees. She is in a lot of pain daily. She loves this stuff. She said she just rubs a little on her hands and knees and within minutes she is pain free. She let herself run out and is miserable. Can't wait to get more! Thanks Lola's Rapid Relief!! Thanks Lola!

Tammy C- Beaverton Or

I've been using Lola's rapid relief for 2 years now and I cannot stop raving about what a miracle it is everything from minor back pain to knee pain my bunion my toes headaches sore throat you rub that on the outside of something let it soak in and you will feel the miracle that is Lola's rapid relief and be completely pain-free without pharmaceutical drugs

Helen R -Louisiana 

I use Lola's Rapid Relief. For arthritis in my hands, an intermittent bitchy lower back, and creaky sore knee caps. My other half uses it on his arthritic shoulders. Doesn't take much either. Rub it in and a few minute's later the pain is gone.

Linda H -Portland Or

This stuff really works!!!! Get yourself a jar, or even a sample, and you'll see!!!! It's pure, it's honest and it's clean. Pure relief!!!

Tonya L-Bremerton Wa

I went to meet up with Lola on her Pain Free Selfie Tour last month. I have a small chihuahua with hip dysplasia and I had red a post from someone saying that it someone else had used it on their dog for the same thing, so I figured I would try it on her and see what happened. After rubbing it onto her trouble hip, I put her down after a few minutes and she started running around the park like crazy. She was chasing squirrels and running around. Usually she has some trouble with her hip popping in and out as she runs, and for the first time in ages she had all four feet on the ground and acting like a puppy! I hadn't seen her that happy or pain free in forever. Now she gets her rapid relief twice a day and is enjoying a relaxing life. Also, on this same visit I brought my dad with me, he's older and drives charter buses a lot. By the end of a long day he tends to have some lower back pain. He tried a sample of Lola's rapid relief and after being skeptical, he very much became a believer.

Gail D- Seattle Wa

Yesterday my sister fell and hit her knee shoulder and face on her couch causing a lot of daughter was experiencing side pains from working when I met them at the gym I brought my Lola's Rapid Relief for my sister asked her to put some on the hurt side of her face....When I spoke with my sister later today, She said the pain is almost gone from her face, I love your product and am so glad I bought 2 when we met in Marysville Wa last summer! 

Laura T- Elma Wa 

I received my cream today and I can tell you this, my pain level from my neck and shoulder has already decreased, and no pain in my knees now. People need to be educated. Thank you darlin for taking this pain away, you are the best.

Annie O- Hunts Point Wa

Im 52, post menopausal, asthmatic and over weight. I workout 2-3 times a week at the gym and play tennis 3-5 times a week. The inflammation in my body is off the charts from my asthma meds. Been in the hospital four times this past year for NOT breathing. My weight keeps going up. I don’t drink alcohol or use sugar. Finally after my fifth migraine headache in 3 weeks (which i am being treated for with dr) i was showing my trainer about the bloating in my neck. I look like a NFL linebacker. He said i should try and find a CBD tincture.. Well I started Lola's Rapid Relief Daily 7 days ago. I’m down 8.3 lbs water weight. Sleeping 8 hrs a night from 4-5 hrs. The most vivid dreams. Went from b&w to HD color! My body isn’t stiff and sore in the morning. My anxiety is almost none. I love your new product!

Kathi D- Tacoma Wa

have to share. I was having real hip and low back pain the other night I couldn't get comfortable. A little later I remembered I still needed to take a evening dose of the Daily tincture, about 45 mins later I realized that my hips were not screaming at me....finally put 2 and 2 together duh....Lola's kicked in so awesome.

Beth B- Woodland Wa

Ms Lola.....the daily product is amazing!! Seriously I can’t say enough good things about it. I now can go through the day without my feet hurting all day!! I have more energy and eat way less than what i normally used to eat. Thank you so much for making such a great product!!"

Jeremy S- McMinnville Or

Just wanted to let u know how awesome your Rapid Relief is, I over did it elk hunting on Sunday when my brother and I did a 13 mile hike, my legs hurt so bad on Monday, Traci Stinnett has been using the RR alot and swears by it as to how great it works so she talked me into trying it... Holy heck, felt the difference within 5-10 min and took a lot of pain away!!! Thank you for such a great product!!!